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Minimalist Device for motorbike Rear Lights V2

Minimalist Device for motorbike Rear Lights- LED

General idea

Starting from the V1 base, version two of the product is implemented where the emergency light functionality is added.

With this functionality the vehicle will be able to use the illumination of the number plate with its large surface area to broadcast the emergency situation to other vehicles.building on the device shown in V1, an additional functionality is implemented that allows the surface area offered by the product to be used to enhance safety in an emergency situation.

This warning signal is activated by the driver of the vehicle when the situation requires it. The illuminated surface of the number plate provides an additional signalling element in addition to the vehicle’s own warning signals.

Uniform illumination

The perimeter lighting allows the entire surface of the number plate to be evenly illuminated.

Easy to install

The license plate holder has a morphology that allows it to be easily installed without the need for a specialist.

Active safety

The warning can help other drivers see the emergency situation and prevent further damage.

Activation of the emergency mode

V2.1-Emergency light activation switch – A switch can be provided for the user to activate at will when he/she wants to set the system to “emergency light”.

V2.2- Activation with the vehicle’s “emergency light”. In case the vehicle has an emergency or warning light activation, the product can be connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, either by analogue signal or by busCAN to be activated synchronised with the vehicle.

V2.3- Activation with the user’s smartphone. By means of a BLE connection, an app has been implemented to control the activation of the emergency mode. Studying the user experience, it is not explored as a possible commercial route given its lack of effectiveness in emergency situations.

Simulated prototype

In version 2 of the product, an additional electronic controller and an activation switch are added. The product does not change its main morphology, but requires installation of the element that allows activation of the emergency mode.

-Installation of a physical button. Depending on the user’s needs, it can be a simple installation in a non-visible but accessible place in the vehicle, or it can be installed in a visible place and need an adapted installation to take care of the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Connection to the vehicle’s warning system. This installation is advanced and needs to be done by an advanced user or specialist, unlike V1 which can be installed by an average user. 

Prototype Implemented

Starting from V1 and developed up to TRL7 level, this implementation has been carried out, which requires a more advanced installation. On the one hand, the installation of the element that activates the emergency mode and, on the other hand, the installation of the electronic control element inside the motorbike. In the V1, the system has dimensions that only require the installation in the perimeter of the number plate and the electrical connection. In this version it is necessary to have a small recess to locate the control elements.

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Real result

Emergency lighting

If you would like more information, please contact us.

This website is a general sample of the product, without going into technical specifications, plans, materials, homologations, etc. If you are interested, please contact us, we will be pleased to help you.

Minimalist Device for motorbike Rear Lights V1

The V1 version implements the base functionality of the product, uniformly illuminating the number plate.

Minimalist Device for motorbike Rear Lights V3

The V3 version incorporates advanced functionalities for signalling to other drivers to improve active safety.