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Minimalist Device for motorbike Rear Lights V1

Minimalist Device for motorbike Rear Lights – LED

General idea

Based on the devices currently fitted in vehicles to illuminate the number plate, this version is created to improve the lighting functionality.

The illumination of the number plate is upgraded to improve the visibility and aesthetics of the number plate. For this purpose, an interior perimeter illumination of the number plate is created, replacing the number plate illumination light that the vehicle has.

For this purpose, a device has been designed that completely replaces the vehicle’s standard lighting element. This element uses the vehicle’s own electrical connection and is installed on the number plate itself, with no need for specific fasteners. 

This solution provides a product that is easy to fit and a direct replacement-improvement of an existing functionality of the vehicle.

Uniform illumination

The perimeter lighting allows the entire surface of the number plate to be evenly illuminated, enhancing the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Easy to install

The license plate holder has a morphology that allows it to be easily installed without the need for a specialist.

Simulated prototype

The frame is made of a slightly flexible material, which allows the number plate to be inserted and perfectly fitted without the need for any moving parts in the product. This creates a robust and vibration-resistant product with a long service life.

Prototype Implemented

The prototype has been designed to provide a feasibility check of the functionality and manufacturing process. The product has been developed to TRL7 level. The implementation has been done with a process where different morphologies and components have been experimented to find the appropriate HW and SF electronic materials and designs. This product has a robustness that allows for durability, uniform illumination and easy assembly.

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Real result

The technology used allows compliance with the mandatory characteristics of backlit vehicle number plates. It does not interfere with the natural reflectance characteristics of the number plate.


The following image shows a comparison of the product currently on the market and the result obtained with the installed product. The lighting improvement shows an improvement not only for visual effects but also for aesthetic effects. Uniform illumination is in line with the technologies that have emerged in recent years that incorporate LEDs and their lighting characteristics into vehicles.

The following video shows one of the welcome models that have been generated to show the aesthetic possibilities available for switching the number plate holder on or off.

The video shows the perimeter welcome model.

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This website is a general sample of the product, without going into technical specifications, plans, materials, approvals, etc. If you are interested, you can contact us, we will assist you.

Minimalist Device for motorbike Rear Lights V2

Version V2 incorporates emergency functionalities to the proposed design V1 using the same base.

Minimalist Device for motorbike Rear Lights V3

Version V3 incorporates advanced functionalities for signaling to other drivers, improving active safety.